Combat Paper Nevada

Rachel Hopkin

As regular readers of this blog will already know, Nevada's Hidden Stories is a partnership we have in place with Reno Public Radio - an occasional series, produced by Rachel Hopkin, that sheds light on the unique people, places, and communities which make this state the place we call home. 

The most recent report was put together in honor of Veterans' Day and is about an unusual art project based in Reno called Combat Paper Nevada.  Combat Paper Nevada is part of a range of artistic activities organised by the David J Drakulich Art Foundation for Freedom of Expression for veterans and others affected by military service.

Incidentally, one of the contributors to the report, Noel Lipana, has asked that we mention that his friend Kaitlin Baird is undertaking fund-raising and awareness efforts for the David J Drakulich Art Foundation on Twitter both through the foundation's handle - @DJDrakulichart - and her own handle - @13in13djdaf. Kaitlin also blogs about her efforts for DJDAF at