The Path Home

Ashley Vargas


The Path Home

By Ashley Vargas


I was welcomed to the desert,

By a flower,

Whose petals burned as a sunset.

Like lights guiding me home,

I followed.

No question.

No hesitation.

I knew I was safe,

Like a mother’s warm embrace.

Nature set my pace.


Peace beneath my feet,

Knowing all shall pass.

The universal guarantee.


Whispers on the wind.

The Great Spirit speaks to me.


Old Friends.

Guide me home.

Solitude of thought,

But never alone.

Gaia moves through me.


The drum of my heart beat.

Slow, steady.


Trusting in my feet.

Step by step.

Time moves on.

The mountain sings it’s song.

Come along, come along.


Letting go of right and wrong

Yin and Yang.

Same coin,

Same song.


Be the change.

Leave your cage.



My feet slow.

The sun sets,

And the sky catches fire.

Darkness reaches across the land.

Our Mother tucking us into bed.

My head,

Filled with visions.

Warm fire.

Cold breeze.

The beauty,

Is always,

Hidden in the contrast.

The thought comes with ease.


To unasked questions.

The beauty,

Is always,

In the contrast.

Clarity at last.

Different places.

Different people.

Different mindsets.

All beautifully equal.

The beauty is in the contrast.





Ashley Vargas—Ms. AyeVee—is a performance fireball of metaphor and feeling, flashing light on the struggles of divine average souls. She brings that moment of instant recognition that binds artist to audience, that makes us root for her.  Beyond the trash-traps of subjugation commercialism that dominates public messaging, her poems reveal there can be a better way.


Her work has been published by Helen: a literary magazine, Other Magazine, Zeitgeist Press, Petite Hound Press, and the Red Rock Review. Ms. AyeVee will be participating in Poetry Matters! at Stinko’s Las Vegas on April 5 at 7 pm.


Images/Ashley Vargas



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