Spring Training

By George Perreault

For Joe Crowley


sun skin wind same as walked

Uncle Joe’s service, the world

still dressed gray and brown


but almost as if soft rain

had tumbled down the night,

a gate swings open and you


among the throng tasting

not yet a bud or shoot and sure

winter could drop by again


but only to visit, so sit with

your brothers, oil the stiff leather,

catch in the backyard, fresh


ball whiter than sea gulls, no

outs or errors on the page,

pepper and fungoes laughing


these friends forever so far

undefeated, the season seeping

inside and rising like Eden


George Perreault retired after several years on the faculty of the University of Nevada, much of it under the leadership of Joe Crowley.  He has served as a judge for the state Poetry Out Loud competition, is a grateful consumer of National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) activities, and humbly admits that his wife has received twice as many NEH grants as he has.


Photo credit: Nevada Humanities/Susan Mantle





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