Dr. Russ Hurlburt


Dr. Russ Hurlburt is Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is widely recognized as being one of the foremost investigators of inner experience - namely thoughts, feelings, sensations, and so on - working today. He has researched inner experience subjects for more than forty years, developing many innovative methods and writing five books in the process – among them Investigating Pristine Inner Experience: Moments of Truth and Describing Inner Experience? Proponent Meets Skeptic (with Eric Schwitzgebel).

Russ balances his interest in descriptive science with innovations in the teaching of quantitative science. In addition to his volumes on inner experience, he is also the author of the university textbook Comprehending Behavioral Statistics, now in its fifth edition.  He lives with his family in Las Vegas.

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Almost everyone has opinions about the way that inner experiences - thoughts, feelings, sensations, and similar processes - are processed. Novelists and poets write about them, psychologists aim to understand them, journalists inquire about them, and nearly all of us describe our own take on them to our friends, therapists, hairdressers, or bartenders. Yet, based on forty years of research, Dr Russell Hurlburt believes that many people - indeed most people, including those same novelists, poets, psychologists, and so on - are often substantially mistaken about the features of their own and others’ inner experience. For example, many believe that they mentally talk to themselves nearly all the time, when in fact they do so rarely, if at all. And some feel that they internally perceive visual imagery almost continually, but in reality do so only occasionally. In this presentation, Hurlburt describes his research, its results, and the implications thereof, and includes examples from novelists, virtuoso musicians, bulimic women, schizophrenic individuals, and others.

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