Jose L. Melendrez


Jose L. Melendrez earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and completed a Masters in Social Work at the University of Michigan. He serves as the Assistant Vice President in the Office of Diversity Initiatives at  UNLV and has provided leadership for a variety of stratagems devoted to promoting outreach and engagement amongst underserved communities at various offices within the university, including the Office of Diversity Initiatives, the Diversity Commission, the Research Institute on Diversity and Social Justice, and the Multicultural Center. He also served as the first Director for UNLV’s Office of Student Diversity Programs and Services, where he initiated new programming and services dedicated to serving multicultural and international students. Jose works regularly with non-profit organizations that provide services and advocacy for underserved populations, and also has experience providing leadership to small businesses.

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In this conversation-based presentation, diversity expert Jose Melendrez sets out to promote a deeper understand of what it means for Nevada to be home to a significant, and vital Latino community. Latinos are one of the fastest growing communities in the state (due to birth rates rather than illegal immigration), yet – Melendrez argues - their full potential has not been harnessed and their treatment and full inclusion continues to be an issue, which is to the detriment of the community as a whole. Critical to addressing this is a clear comprehension of the historical impact of race, ethnicity, cultural biases, and critical differences. Acknowledging and working with the growing economic impact and broader potential of the Latino community is vital to all Nevadans. The state is currently recovering from the great recession, but this recovery cannot be successful if diverse communities like Latinos are not fully engaged and included in the process.

Appropriate Audience: Adults; can be tailored for high- and middle-school students.

Duration: C. 2 hours, though duration can be tailored. Please discuss the appropriate length for your organization with the Presenter.

Presenter Requirements:

  • Means for screening PowerPoint presentation
  • Access to internet and means for viewing internet webpages
  • Speakers for audio playback.

If equipment indicated above is unavailable, please discuss alternatives with Presenter.

Available in: Spanish

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