Kim Russell


Kim Russell is an award winning author and humanities scholar.  She holds a bachelor of arts degree in theater from Chapman University and a master’s degree in business administration from University Nevada Las Vegas. She has toured internationally as a performing artist and is also the education specialist at a performing arts center where she manages artists and develops educational programs for teachers.

Kim has been presenting a one-woman show and Chautauqua presentation based on the life of Sojourner Truth since 1996. She has performed as Truth hundreds of times at colleges, schools, and festivals nationwide. She was invited on tour to South Africa in celebration of Nelson Mandela in 1999, followed by an invitation to the George W. Bush White House.  She has been honored with a Jerome Fellowship and a Nevada Arts Council Fellowship.

Photo Credit: Jason Skinner



(part Chautauqua presentation)

In a presentation that explores the boundaries of an individual’s willingness to take a stance on social and political issues, actor, writer and researcher, Kim Russell revisits the life story of the 19th century abolitionist and women’s rights advocate, Sojourner Truth.  Russell uses a combination of narration and Chautauqua-style presentation to lead attendees to a greater understanding of the similarities and distinctions facing America in the 19th century and America today.  In doing so, she also explores how individual action can lead to social and political change or stagnation. 

The delivery of this presentation varies as Kim Russell the researcher introduces Sojourner the speaker.  Sojourner then takes control of the presentation delivering her message and answering questions Chautauqua style from the audience, before Russell returns to take questions as herself.

Photo Credit: Jason Skinner

Appropriate Audience:  Can be tailored for all ages.

Duration: 1-1½ hours. Please discuss the appropriate length for your organization with the Presenter.

Presenter Requirements: 

  • Podium
  • Chair
  • Music Stand
  • Wireless microphone if room/audience are expected to be large

If facilities indicated above are unavailable, please discuss alternatives with Presenter.

Categories: Chautauqua, Women’s interest, African-American interest, politics