Mark Maynard


Mark Maynard grew up in northern Nevada on the shores of Lake Tahoe. His debut short story collection Grind is set in and around Reno, connecting the linked stories of the Biggest Little City’s varied characters that collectively represent “the city’s dwindling past and uncertain future.”  Mark teaches English and Creative Writing at Truckee Meadows Community College and Sierra Nevada College; serves on the Nevada Humanities Salon advisory board; volunteers as a writing instructor for the Northern Nevada Veterans’ Writing Project; and is the fiction editor for The Meadow literary journal. His work has appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, including Lunch Ticket, Tahoe Blues, and the Ploughshares Magazine “Literary Boroughs” blog, where he wrote about the literary history of northern Nevada. He lives in Reno with his family.

Photo credit: Tom Seawell



When a piece of writing is felt to convey a “sense of place”, it often incorporates particular geographic, emotional, or temporal elements, or, indeed, all of the above. This presentation is designed to promote effective use of “sense of place” among those dedicated to crafting fiction and creative nonfiction. Author Mark Maynard explores how place can be drawn on to enhance a range of facets commonly found within fiction and creative nonfiction pieces, such as character, plot, setting, theme, and style. He also discusses  how these can be used to enhance short stories, novels, essays, memoirs, plays, and poetry. Attendees learn about the craft of creative writing specifically as it relates to being a Nevadan.

Appropriate Audience:  Adults; can be tailored to students, 4th grade and above.

Duration: 1-1½ hours. Please discuss the appropriate length for your organization with the Presenter.

Presenter Requirements: 

  • Means for screening digital presentation

If equipment indicated above is unavailable, please discuss alternatives with Presenter.

Categories: Nevada, literature, creative workshop