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Dr. William Tell Gifford is a professor of Philosophy and Music at Truckee Meadows Community College, where he has taught since the mid 90s. He holds degrees in philosophy, literature, and music; writes extensively on theology, philosophy, and music; and teaches courses in all of these areas. He is a prominent figure in national and international interfaith dialogue, and also a frequent performer of the sacred music of India. His other scholarly interests include the musicology of ancient Rome, forensic lie detection, and postmodern philosophy. In his free time, “Tell” enjoys poetry, hiking, yoga, vegetarian cuisine, Vespa scooters, and spending time with his loved ones.

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This presentation addresses a number of key concepts that fall under the rubric of destiny, among them chance, determinism, fatalism, free-will, kismet, predestination, and serendipity. In a format that relies heavily on audience participation and interaction, attendees are invited to explore these concepts and reflect on the implications of choosing to believe in them. Together, Dr William Tell Gifford and participants examine conflicts between free-will and determinism, and investigate how doctrines about destiny have affected religion, science, and even day-to-day behavior. Audience members are guided to deepen their understanding of their own personal standpoints with regard to destiny and, if willing, share them with others, leading to lively – but respectful - discussion.

Appropriate Audience:  Adults; young adults.

Duration: 1-3 hours. Please discuss the appropriate length for your organization with the Presenter.

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Categories: Philosophy, personal development