How to Book a Humanities on the Road Presentation

Prospective Humanities on the Road Hosts

Humanities on the Road presentations are available to any Nevada nonprofit and/or educational organization, as well as K-12 schools, that can meet the following requirements:

  • Make the presentation free and open to the public (K-12 schools excepted).
  • Generate publicity ahead of the event and guarantee an expected audience of 20 people or more.
  • Allow ample time for the booked presentation to be presented (the duration depends on the presentation and should be discussed with the presenter).
  • Follow all the steps outlined below regarding hosting a Humanities on the Road presentation.

Any organization which meets the above criteria can apply to host a Humanities on the Road presentation by following these steps:

Step One
Review the current line-up of presenters at, and determine which presentation you would like to host.

Step Two
Email the Humanities on the Road Program Manager at hotr [at] to verify your eligibility to host a Humanities on the Road presentation. An organization can host no more than three Humanities on the Road presentations in a calendar year.

Nevada Humanities’ Humanities on the Road presentations are also available for booking by closed membership organizations and for private functions for a fee of $500 per presentation, plus travel and lodging expenses as applicable.

Step Three
If your organization is eligible, and Nevada Humanities’ Humanities on the Road funding is available, you will be given contact information for the presenter of your choice. You should then:

  • Contact the presenter to determine their availability and schedule the presentation accordingly.
  • Discuss with the presenter your organization’s mission and goals.
  • Discuss with the presenter the ideal timeslot for the presentation and the type of audience they can expect, including the audience’s probable level of knowledge about the topic. Many presentations on the Humanities on the Road roster can be tailored in terms of duration and content to suit the needs of the host organization.
  • Several presentations on the roster are offered in Spanish as well as English. If the presentation you have chosen is one of these, please specify to the presenter which language you prefer be used. Bilingual presentations are encouraged, when appropriate.
  • Establish any requirements the presenter may have in order to make the event a success. These may include specifications regarding audio/visual equipment and room set-up preferences.
  • Determine whether or not the presenter will need overnight lodging before or after the event. If lodging is required, then organizing and paying for this is the responsibility of the host organization after their application to host the presentation has been formally approved by Nevada Humanities. Hosts are required to provide appropriate lodging for the presenter in a commercial hotel or motel, not a home stay.

Step Four
Once you have confirmed the date and time of the presentation with the presenter, formally apply to host your chosen Humanities on the Road presentation, at least six weeks in advance of the proposed event date, through our online application form and pay the required booking fee.

The booking fee is dependent upon the size of the host organization’s annual operating budget:

Annual Operating Budget of Organization Booking Fee
Less than $100,000 $75
Between $100,000 and $500,000 $125
Over $500,000 $175

Please note that no presentation can go ahead without the application form and fee being submitted in a timely manner, and no booking should be considered approved until you have received an email confirming the same from Nevada Humanities. No definitive plans should be made until after you have received the confirmation email.

Note:  Any prospective host organization in a state of severe financial hardship may write to the Humanities on the Road program manager at hotr [at] to request that the booking fee be waived, together with an explanation of the circumstances that have given rise to the request. Waivers are limited and awarded on a first come, first served basis while funds are available.

Step Five
Once your application has been processed, Nevada Humanities will send you a confirmation email and provide you with a toolkit that contains the following items:

  1. A host organization checklist. Please read this carefully as it contains important information.
  2. Copies of Nevada Humanities’ logos. These should be featured within any print or online materials that you create for your Humanities on the Road presentation.
  3. A set of media guidelines.
  4. A press release template.
  5. A calendar listing template.
  6. A legislator email invitation template.
  7. An introductory script for the presentation.
  8. Audience evaluation forms.

Step Six
Your final report is due to Nevada Humanities no later than 30 days after your event. Within 30 days following the presentation, please complete the actions listed below:

  • Complete and submit the online final report, which is available at
  • Email up to ten photographs taken at the event to hotr [at] 
  • Send all supplemental materials including audience evaluation forms and any relevant receipts to Humanities on the Road, Nevada Humanities, Unit 190 Art Square, 1017 South 1st Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101.

Failure to return these evaluation materials in a timely manner may affect approval of future applications to Nevada Humanities from your organization.