Humanities on the Road Presenters

Alicia Barber

Making History Personal: Conducting Oral Histories within Your Family and Community

H. Lee Barnes

Writing Nevada’s History and People into Literature

Patty Cafferata

By Gas, Rope, Bullet, or Poison: A History of Capital Punishment in Nevada

Some Were Righteous, Some Were Rogues: Introducing Nevada’s State Treasurers

The Glory Days of Goldfield and Its Eponymous Hotel

Maria Raquel Casas

Before Jennifer and Eva, There Was Dolores and Lupe: Latinos in American Movies.

Maile Chapman

Writing Something New Under the Sun: How to Use Nevada as a Setting in Fiction

Patricia Cooper-Smith

Clear and Dry: Nevada in So Many Words

Steve Davis

A Visual Exploration of Photography and the American West in the Nineteenth Century

Alan Deutschman

Walk the Walk: The Number One Rule for Real Leaders

Doris Dwyer

Chautauqua – Margaret Bourke White

Chautauqua – Margaret Breen

Chautauqua – Sarah Royce

Women’s Voices from the Emigrant Trails

Michon R. Eben

Preserving Our Native Nevadan Cultural Resources: A Native American Perspective

Terri Farley

Getting Your Story Straight

Hooked on Horses: How the Phantom Stallion’s Story Became a Book Series and How Terri Farley Became an Author

Writing Your Wildest Dreams [With Suzanne Morgan Williams]

Michael E. Fischer

Baby Face Nelson in Nevada

Chautauqua - H.F. Dangberg Sr.

Chautauqua Noir- James Carmichael Mckay

Chautauqua - John Sparks

Fresh Frisch Facts and Findings

Tonopah's Soft Drink Parlors and the Rise of Reno's Next Group of Gamblers

William Tell Gifford

Insights into Destiny

Cheryll Glotfelty

Desert Dreams: A History of Nevada Literature

Images of Your Town in Nevada Literature

Words in the Desert: Stories of Finding Home in Nevada

Michael Green

Inside Las Vegas History

Mr Lincoln and Nevada

Swingin’ With Frank, Dean, and Sammy: The Rat Pack

Shaun Griffin

Poets in the West

The Poetry and Legacy of Hayden Carruth:  A Discussion and Reading of Carruth’s Poems

Dr. Russ Hurlburt

A Penny for Your Thoughts: Investigating Inner Experience

Brian Kral

Chautauqua – Howard Hughes

Edna Purviance - Nevada’s First Star of the Silver Screen

McAvoy Layne

Chautauqua: The Ghost of Mark Twain

Nora Luna

Preparing for a Good End-of-Life

Michon Mackedon

Spinning Atoms in the Silver State

Mark Maynard

Writing about Place: Crafting Nevada Stories

Jose L. Melendrez

Engaging with Latinos - Nevada's Fasting Growing Community

Doug Mishler

Chautauqua: Andrew Carnegie

Chautauqua: Billy Sunday

Chautauqua: D.W. Griffith

Chautauqua: Ernie Pyle

Chautauqua: George C. Wallace

Chautauqua: Henry Ford

Chautauqua: Jack Warner

Chautauqua: Jefferson Davis

Chautauqua: P.T. Barnum

Chautauqua: Stonewall Jackson

Chautauqua: Theodore Roosevelt

Chautauqua: Thomas Hart Benton

Chautauqua: William Clark

Chautauqua: William Lloyd Garrison

Courtney Mooney

The Six-Week Cure: Divorce Ranches in Southern Nevada

Suzanne Morgan Williams

Writing Your Wildest Dreams (with Terri Farley)

Frank X. Mullen

Chautauqua: Babe Ruth – a Life and a Legend

Chautauqua: The Secret Life of Henry VIII

In the Footsteps of the Donner Party

Silver State on the Silver Screen

Westward Ho, Nevada

Mark Pingle

Our Economic Future: Bright Lights, or What?

Angus Quinlan

Art on the Rocks: Nevada’s Storied Landscapes

Ann Ronald

Friendly Fallout, 1953

Kim Russell

The Unbroken Courage: Sojourner Truth (Part-Chautauqua Presentation)

Charlie Seeman

Back in the Saddle Again: The Songs and Music of the Ranching West

Out Where the West Begins: The Poetry of the American Cowboy

Christina Thomas

Songbird: Telling the Paiute Story

Jim Thomson

A Life between Truth and Fiction, Science, and Politics

Anita Ernst Watson

Chautauqua: Emma Nevada

Chautauqua: Mary McNair Mathews

Chautauqua: Mary Oxborrow

Juanita Westbrook

Chautauqua: Alice L. R. Smith -- Civil Rights Pioneer and Nevada Humanitarian

Chautauqua: Cathay Williams -- Buffalo Soldier

Chautauqua: Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman -- Pioneer Aviator

Chautauqua: Madame C.J. Walker -- Inventor and Entrepreneur

Chautauqua: Zora Neale Hurston -- Folklorist, Anthropologist, and Novelist

Janet R. White

A History of Architecture in 60 Minutes