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The Online Nevada Encyclopedia - also known as the ONE - is an online, multimedia resource produced by Nevada Humanities that offers articles, images, maps, and interactive media about the Silver State. Subject specialists and community voices from around the state have joined together to tell the story of Nevada – an exploration of the people, places, and events that have shaped the state’s politics, economy, and culture. The story of Nevada is a fluid, dynamic tale, so the ONE is constantly evolving to bring together the past and the present, traversing the concerns, issues, and narratives that compose our modern life.
Nevada is a state evaluated on its iconography – the mythology of the Comstock Lode, the specter of legalized gambling and prostitution, the ties to the mafia, and the casinos on the Las Vegas strip. On both a local and national scale, the full history of the state and its significance within the context of American history is unknown or often overlooked.
We are a state built on mining and ranching, with a casino history that includes major mafia figures, but we are also a state with rich Native American heritage, a tradition of significant religious settlements, a place where Samuel Clemens acquired his nom de plume, and where major civil rights battles have been fought. It is a state with natural pyramids, and vistas that look otherwordly, where Presidents have explored the land and still fight for the environment, and where visitors can see one of the few living links to the Ice Age in the local species of pronghorns.
The ONE offers its audience the opportunity to investigate these topics through a variety of mediums -- articles, stories, videos, poetry, slideshows, then and now morphs, 360-degree panoramas, audio, primary resources, and more.