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Nevada Humanities provides opportunities for Nevadans to explore, experience, engage, and understand the world around them. We create programs and support projects that define the Nevada experience, feature local culture and heritage, and facilitate the investigation of ideas that matter to Nevadans and their communities.

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Nevada Humanities Exhibit Gallery
Written by: Nevada Humanities

A Nevada Collection: Poetry and Art
October 1 -- November 25, 2015

Nevada Humanities presents the exhibition A Nevada Collection: Poetry and Art, featuring artwork, poetry, and a selection of images created in celebration of the 14th annual Vegas Valley Book Festival, October 15 - 17.  A Nevada Collection, on view October 1 through November 25 at the Nevada Humanities Program Gallery, is comprised of a variety of artworks, poetry, and works created expressly for an art stamp project, by more than 20 artists and poets.  Throughout the exhibition and Festival dates, attendees can collect special trading cards featuring the poetry and artwork.

November Salon: Boots on the Ground/Bots in the Sky
Written by: Nevada Humanities

The recent advances in satellite reconnaissance and armed drones have changed modern warfare. Does war waged on video screens with combat missions flown remotely from trailers in the Nevada desert somehow make us more distant and detached from the real consequences? Does this make us more willing to have permanent global military presence? The panel will discuss the realities and ethics of...

Online Nevada Encyclopedia: A Story of Encounters
Written by: Nevada Humanities

The story of encounters between the indigenous communities and non-native inhabitants of Nevada is complex and varied. Within decades of the first recorded meetings of Euro-American explorers and the native tribes of the Great Basin, Nevada became a U.S. territory and then a state. Very quickly, its native peoples faced a rapidly changing environment in which it became a challenge to continue...