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For 43 years, Nevada Humanities has been bringing Nevada stories to light in classrooms and through exhibitions, publications, public programs, and documentary projects. Contributors to Nevada Humanities have enabled tens of thousands of people of all ages and all walks of life to understand the value of their heritage, engage with their communities, and expand their understanding of history and our trajectory into the future.
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"I recognize that the economic future for Nevada is directly connected to our commitment to the Humanities.  I give my time and money to Nevada Humanities to help celebrate the great cultures of our state."  – Todd Felts, Assistant Professor, The Reynolds School of Journalism & Center for Advanced Media Studies, University of Nevada, Reno

 “I support Nevada Humanities because it provides an awareness of history and culture that would otherwise be hard to find in rural Nevada. Nevada Humanities is vital in having a full life in rural Nevada.” – Wally Cuchine, curator, collector, Nevadan

“I support Nevada Humanities because I believe that Nevada is a place of wonderfully diverse ideas, interests, settings and people, and Nevada Humanities is a thread that weaves all of this –and us – together.”  – Jane Tors, Communications Director, University of Nevada, Reno

"The humanities aren't an abstract concept--by interacting with art, literature, music, and history, people can become better thinkers, better neighbors, better citizens. By bringing the best of the humanities to our state, by making our good life here even better, the folks at Nevada Humanities prove themselves to be the best of neighbors. They should have the support of every Nevadan." – Christopher Coake, teacher, writer, Nevadan

“Why do I give to Nevada Humanities? It's simple: I am interested in investing in the inquiry of what it is to be human. That's what Nevada Humanities does. It provides us all with insights we need to understand ourselves and our neighbors, and it's worth every penny.” – John Patrick Rice, Professor, Theatre Arts & Executive Director, Great Basin College Foundation, Great Basin College

"I choose to give to the Nevada Humanities because I believe in strengthening the core of our local communities. This core is inclusive of all because it represents and celebrates the very thing that connects us as Nevadans: our rich history, our various languages, deep and diverse stories, vibrant storytellers, our arts and expressions, our humanness and humanity, our promising future...Giving to Nevada Humanities is a way of ensuring that our wonderful communities thrive and endure for generations to come." – Erika Bein, Professor, English Department, Truckee Meadows Community College

“I give to Nevada Humanities because I believe that the humanities are integral to improving the quality of life of individuals and to building healthy communities. Nevada Humanities functions as a conduit for connecting the lives, stories, and histories of people throughout the state. In essence, Nevada Humanities builds the bridges that bring all Nevadans together.” – Daniel Enrique Pérez, Associate Professor and Graduate Director, Dept. of Languages and Literatures, University of Nevada, Reno

Nevada Humanities enhances education opportunities for young people across Nevada…

“Nevada’s teachers lack resources for teaching Nevada history. The Online Nevada Encyclopedia provides multidimensional access to Nevada history for both teachers and students. The ONE is the only up-to-date, historically accurate, Nevada-based resource available for teachers in Nevada.” – K–12 Educator

“History Day in Nevada is one of the most important programs that social studies teachers can provide to their students. The support from Nevada Humanities has enabled us to grow History Day as a statewide event. I was in tears at this year’s History Day in Nevada events, watching the students and the parents succeed.” – K–12 Educator

“As a teacher, meeting authors such as Walter Dean Myers at the Vegas Valley Book Festival, and getting a chance to talk with him and bring his books to my students, is an invaluable learning opportunity for me and my students. ” – K–12 Educator

Nevada Humanities sparks ideas and brings Nevada history, heritage, and culture to the forefront of our communities…

“Nothing else like The Salon exists in Reno. I enjoy how the program encourages an enlightened discussion over a wide array of topics and issues, getting me in touch with people and perspectives I would not have been exposed to otherwise. This event gives me faith in our community, and helps me appreciate our local culture.” – Salon Participant

“As a history buff and aspiring actress, Young Chautauqua was the perfect outlet for me as I grew up. I was ten years old when I joined Young Chautauqua, and for the following two or three years it dominated my life. From practices, to performances, to research, to costumes, Young Chautauqua became a year-round activity for me. And it is something that never leaves you.” – Former Young Chautauqua Scholar

Nevada Humanities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization based in Nevada; your donation is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.